Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course cover

Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course

Pass DNB MS Practical exam easily in the first attempt!

Instructor: Dr.Prashant Madan Mohan MD (Europe) DNB Orthpaedics

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course - Basic Case Presentation

  • Video Classes
  • Get acquainted with the format of case presentation of the most frequently encountered cases in the orthopaedic practical examination
  • Helpful for candidates to prepare for orthopaedic practical examination
  • Cases will be discussed region wise , one by one
  • Material will be updated online
  • Course will cover the most important cases and topics to pass the practical examination
  • Material sought from various textbooks and web sources
  • Possibility to get insight in to the concepts of clinical and practical orthopaedics
  • Avoid the hassle of searching for searching for proformas of practical examination
  • Easy to comprehend even for beginners
  • Easy to reciprocate and perform in the practical examination
  • Easy to score points by knowing what to say and how to present each case
  • DNB & MS Ortho friendly
  • No need to make any notes
  • Save time, save energy
  • Mnemonics as and when applicable
  • Instruments Implants Video Bonus worth Rs 999 included
  • Memorise easily
  • Know what to say and present in the practical exam
  • Tips and tricks to clear the practical exam

Excellent Reviews by all the successful candidates

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