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December 2019 DNB ANAESTHESIA Solved Question Bank By online

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DNB QUESTION PAPER-topic wise(author Dr.Sirisha) (Autosaved)
Paper 1 Part A ANS
Paper 1 Part A Venturi Principle
Paper 1 Part A Lateral decubitus position-respiratory physiology in a neonate
Paper 1 Part A CBF-ICP
Paper 1 Part A Larynx-nerve supply-blocks for awake intubation
Paper 1 Part B 6.DRC & Oxygen Cascade
Paper 1 Part B 7.Pulse Oximetry
Paper 1 Part B 8.Isomerisms in Anaesthesia-role of biomarkers in anaesthesiology
Paper 1 Part B 9.Null hypothesis-case control study
Paper 1 Part B 10.Kidney in acid base balance-anaesthetic considerations in dialysis dependant patient
Paper 2 Part A 1.MAC-GA
Paper 2 Part A 2.Low Flow Anaesthesia
Paper 2 Part A 3.TMJ-Airway
Paper 2 Part A 4.Parkinsonism-cataract
Paper 2 Part A 5.Burns
Paper 2 Part B 6.Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring-Bronchospasm
Paper 2 Part B 7.Bariartric Anaesthesia (1)
Paper 2 Part B 8.Geriartric Anaesthesia
Paper 2 Part B 9 hemodilution and blood component
Paper 2 Part B 10.Interventional Neuroradiological Procedure-TCI
Paper 3 Part A 1.Anaemia+CS
Paper 3 Part A 2.EF
Paper 3 Part A 3.Cardioplegia
Paper 3 Part A a.Neuraxial blocks in patients on heparin
Paper 3 Part A b.Placental drug transfer
Paper 3 Part A 5.Laparoscopy
Paper 3 Part B a.Dexmedetomidine
Paper 3 Part B xb.Temperature monitoring
Paper 3 Part B 7.Liver transplant
Paper 3 Part B 8.Perioperative arrythmias
Paper 3 Part B 9. Venous air embolism
Paper 3 Part B 10.Cerebral Artery Aneurysm
Paper 4 Part A 1.Hyperalgesia
Paper 4 Part A 2.Analgesia (1)
Paper 4 Part A 3. Septic Shock
Paper 4 Part A 4a. Humidifiers
Paper 4 Part A 4b. High Anion Gap Acidosis
Paper 4 Part A 5. Quality assurance
Paper 4 Part B 6. Multimodal Neuromonitoring
Paper 4 Part B 7a. Stress and Anaesthesiologist
Paper 4 Part B 7b. Role of Simulators in Anaesthesia
Paper 4 Part B 8. Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
Paper 4 Part B 9a. Hypernatremia
Paper 4 Part B 9b. Normal Saline
Paper 4 Part B 10. Postoperative Delayed Recovery


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