Pediatrics June 2020 DNB Solved Question Papers
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Pediatrics June 2020 DNB Solved Question Papers

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Prashant Rajebhosale, Dr. Narasimha Moorthy, Dr. Pooja Agrawal

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Pediatrics Sep 2020 DNB Solved Question Papers

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June 2020 Paper 1 Part A
cochrane review (1 pages)
Cytokine storm_ (3 pages)
Ethics in medical research (2 pages)
Fetal circulation_ (2 pages)
Forest plot in meta analysis (2 pages)
Genetic counseling for Down's syndrome (2 pages)
Intraosseous infusions_Indications and complications_ (1 pages)
Management of Hyperammonemia_ (2 pages)
Role of EEG in management of seizure disorder in children (June 2020) (Marks 5) (1 pages)
Urea cycle (1 pages)
June 2020 Paper 1 Part B
Growth hormone in pediatric practice (2 pages)
Indications, setting and contraindications of CPAP in newborn infants (1 pages)
Mechanism of antibiotic resistance (1 pages)
Outline the basic principles of sleep hygiene for children and adolescents_ (2 pages)
Pathophysiology of vitamin B12 and folate deficiency_ (1 pages)
Role and function of platelets in physiology of haemostasis_ (1 pages)
Scoring systems to evaluate severity of respiratory distress in new born (2 pages)
Vitamin D supplementation Why,when,how (2 pages)
June 2020 Paper 2 Part A
Causes and investigations in a child with stroke_ (2 pages)
Hemolytic uremic syndrome (3 pages)
Evaluation of child with pancytopenia_ (2 pages)
Management of vesico-ureteric reflux_ (3 pages)
Metabolic emergencies in pediatric malignancies_ (2 pages)
Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) - aetiology, staging and management (2 pages)
Nutrition in a critically sick child_ (3 pages)
Prevention of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) (June 2020) (Marks 5) (1 pages)
Role of salicylates in Kawasaki disease_ (1 pages)
Von Willebrand disease_ (3 pages)
June 2020 Paper 2 Part B
4-day old home delivered boy (weight 1350g, Gestation 36 wk) is brought to you with abnormal body movements and not accepting of feeds (4 pages)
Acute cerebellar ataxia_ (2 pages)
Diagnostic tumor markers and their role in the management of specific childhood cancers_ (2 pages)
Febrile neutropenia (2 pages)
Iron chelation therapy (3 pages)
Landau Kleffner Syndrome_ (2 pages)
Neuroblastoma clinical features, diagnosis and treatment_ (2 pages)
Pica- causes, clinical features and management_ (1 pages)
Precocious puberty_ (2 pages)
June 2020 Paper 3 Part A
Approach to diagnosis and management of a child with suspected immunodeficiency_ (4 pages)
Congenital cataract (2 pages)
Define non-responsive celiac disease and refractory celiac disease_ (1 pages)
Explain pathogenesis and diagnosis of celiac disease_ (2 pages)
Hashimotos thyroiditis (2 pages)
Long term management of Type 1 diabetes mellitus_ (2 pages)
Post exposure prophylaxis for dog bite_ (2 pages)
Scabies clinical features, Management (2 pages)
Scorpian sting_ (3 pages)
June 2020 Paper 3 Part B
Suicide in adolescents (2 pages)
Corrosive ingestion (2 pages)
Diagnosis and prevention of congenital adrenal hyperplasia_ (2 pages)
Discuss briefly the differential diagnosis and management of a 3 year old unimmunized child presenting with fever and stridor for 3 days_ (3 pages)
Metabolic causes of liver failure_ (1 pages)
Sexual abuse (2 pages)
Treatment of functional constipation_ (2 pages)
Typhoid conjugate vaccine (1 pages)
June 2020 Paper 4 Part A
Child Adoption_ (2 pages)
Evidence based medicine practice_ (2 pages)
Human milk banking_ Criterion for donors, collection and storage (2 pages)
Indications for Blood component therapy_ (2 pages)
Pediatric triage management in emergency department_ (3 pages)
Prevalence, clinical manifestations and management of COVID-19 infections in children_ (3 pages)
Renal osteodystrophy (2 pages)
Role of probiotics in gastrointestinal disorders_ (2 pages)
Therapeutic hypothermia (2 pages)
June 2020 Paper 4 Part B
Antibiotic stewardship in inpatient and outpatient setting in pediatric practice_ (2 pages)
Discuss ill effects of digital media on child health and the guidelines for their prevention_ (2 pages)
IAP guidelines on junk food and fruit juices_ (2 pages)
Prevention of obesity in children_ (2 pages)
Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of high blood pressure in children_ (4 pages)
Teleconsultation guidelines, advantages and drawbacks_ (1 pages)
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking_ Pros and Cons_ (2 pages)


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