DNB Pediatrics June 2021 Solved Papers
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DNB Pediatrics June 2021 Solved Papers

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Prashant Rajebhosale, Dr. Narasimha Moorthy, Dr. Pooja Agrawal

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Pediatrics June 2021 DNB Solved Question Papers - Course Content created by Experienced Mentor Team and Toppers.

Course Highlights:

Ideal for EXAM- GOING PGs preparing for exit examinations.

Arranged in a reader-friendly bulleted format,  that is easy to retain and reproduce in exams.

Answers from authentic sources (Nelson, Textbook of piyush gupta, OP Ghai, Published Indian articles.)

Avoid the hassle of searching for answers to the various questions.

Get all answers in one place.

Attain insight to the art of writing answers in DNB theory exam.

Master the recent important topics to excel repeat questions.

Handy for last minute, quick revision.

Recent advances from latest articles and journals covered.

Will also help for higher examinations, such as FNB-SS CET, SR/Fellowship interviews.

Give your preparation an extra edge with ready-made notes!

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Paper 1
Antenatal NTD diagnosis (2 pages)
Calcium homeostasis_ (2 pages)
Components of nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development_ (3 pages)
Epidemiological investigation of an outbreak_ (3 pages)
MR Campaign_ (2 pages)
odd_s ratio and its limitations (2 pages)
Pancreatic function test_ (2 pages)
Pathogenesis of edematous malnutrition_ (2 pages)
Pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome_ (8 pages)
Plagiarism_ (2 pages)
Psychosocial impact of COVID-19 in children_ (2 pages) Preview
Role of Ethical committee of institution_ (1 pages)
Sexual abuse (3 pages)
Sustainable development goals relevant to children_ (3 pages)
Csf formation and circulation_ (5 pages)
Describe mechanisms for absorption of carbohydrates and name diseases caused by defect in each stage (3 pages)
Diagnostic approach in a 2 year old child who presents with recurrent episodes of symptomatic hypoglycemia_ (2 pages)
Enlist important components of POCSO act_ (2 pages)
Glucose homeostasis in infants (June 2021) (Marks 5) (2 pages)
Meta-analysis_ (3 pages)
Paper 2
BPD management (3 pages)
1)Management of a child with nocturnal enuresis (June 2021) (Marks 5) (3 pages)
Acute kidney injury (5 pages)
Causality assessment in AEFI_ (3 pages)
Conjugate vaccine_ (3 pages)
Diagnosis and treatment of migrain (3 pages)
Diagnostic criteria of SIADH_ (1 pages)
Evaluation of obesity_ (2 pages)
Hereditary thrombotic predisposition_ (3 pages)
Management of 1 year old child with severe acute malnutrition and acute diarrhea_ (3 pages)
Obstructive sleep apnea (4 pages)
Super-refractory status epilepticus and it���s management_ (2 pages)
Tabulate classification of malnutrition by WHO (June 2021) (Marks 5) (1 pages)
Vaccination in a child with cancer chemotherapy (5 pages)
Human milk banking in detail _ (3 pages)
Human milk composition (2 pages)
Management of a sick newborn with suspected cyanotic heart disease_ (2 pages)
Minimally invasive surfactnat therapy_ (2 pages)
Risk factors for bilirubin toxicity in a newborn (1 pages)
Screening tests for Autism_ (2 pages)
Paper 3
Approach to excess ferrous sulphate ingestion in child_ (4 pages)
Contact dermatitis_ (3 pages)
Diagnosis and management of pertussis (3 pages)
Diagnosis of lead poisoning_ (2 pages)
Difference between extrahepatic biliary atresia and idiopathic neonatal hepatitis_ (2 pages)
ECG differences among tachyarrhythmias_ (2 pages)
Empyema diagnosis and management (3 pages)
Functional abdominal pain synrome IV classification_ (2 pages)
Management of chickenpox in an adolescents (3 pages)
Neurocardiogenic syncope diagnosis and differential diagnosis_ (2 pages)
Next generation sequencing_ (3 pages)
Penetrating ocular trauma in toddler_ (2 pages)
Risk of acid suppression drugs_ (2 pages)
Severe Traumatic brain injury management_ (5 pages)
Short stature enlist causes and evaluation of a 9 year old boy with Short stature_ (5 pages)
Strategies to reduce screen time in children_ (3 pages)
Disruptive behavioral disorders in school children_ (3 pages)
HbsAg mother neonate (2 pages)
Management of acute rheumatic fever with carditis_ (2 pages)
Paper 4
Assessment of pain in children_ (3 pages)
Brainstem reflexes in brain death_ (2 pages)
Continuous blood glucose monitoring_ (2 pages)
CRISPR Cas9 gene editing in Children (Marks 5)_ (3 pages)
Dengue Vaccine_ (2 pages)
Differential diagnosis of acute flaccid paralysis_ (2 pages)
DXA scan_ (2 pages)
Extrskletal benefits of vitamin D supplementation_ (4 pages)
Gullein barre syndrome (GBS)_ (3 pages)
High flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in Children (2 pages)
Laboratory deranged of Fanconi syndrome_ (3 pages)
Management of a child with 40_ Burn injury _ (3 pages)
Monoclonal Antibodies in rabies post exposure prophylaxis_ (2 pages)
Point of care diagnosis of infections in children_ (4 pages)
Recent advances in Insulin therapy_ (3 pages)
Renal artery stenosis diagnosis and management(1) (3 pages)
Role of cryptosporidium in children with diarrhea_ (2 pages)
Vitamin A prophylaxis programme in India_ (1 pages)
WHO reduced osmolar ORS_ (2 pages)
Universal newborn hearing screen (3 pages)
Free Sample Preview (3 pages)


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