DNB Pediatrics March 2021 Solved Papers
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DNB Pediatrics Dec 2020 Solved Papers

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Prashant Rajebhosale, Dr. Narasimha Moorthy, Dr. Pooja Agrawal

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Pediatrics March 2021 DNB Solved Question Papers

Course Highlights:

Ideal for EXAM- GOING PGs preparing for exit examinations.

Arranged in a reader-friendly bulleted format,  that is easy to retain and reproduce in exams.

Answers from authentic sources (Nelson, Textbook of piyush gupta, OP Ghai, Published Indian articles.)

Avoid the hassle of searching for answers to the various questions.

Get all answers in one place.


Attain insight to the art of writing answers in DNB theory exam.

Master the recent important topics to excel repeat questions.

Handy for last minute, quick revision.

Recent advances from latest articles and journals covered.

Will also help for higher examinations, such as FNB-SS CET, SR/Fellowship interviews.

Give your preparation an extra edge with ready-made notes!

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Paper 1
Ductus dependant congenital heart disease (1 pages)
Fetal circulation (2 pages)
Role of copper, zinc and magensium in health and disease (3 pages)
Evolutionary development of hemoglobin's from embryo to adult (2 pages)
Lesions of facial nerve at different levels (3 pages)
Pathophysiology of R-L shunt (3 pages)
Relationship among various hemoglobin's in first year of life and their implications in diagnosing hereditary hemoglobinopathies (1 pages)
Development of oesophagus, trachea and diaphragm (4 pages)
Important attributes of various pattern of genetic inheritance (2 pages)
Study designs (4 pages)
Chi Square test (2 pages)
Child health indicators (3 pages)
Major programmatic interventions to reduce the IMR (3 pages)
Quality Improvement initiative in healthcare (2 pages)
Child labour (2 pages)
Cyberbullying (2 pages)
National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) (7 pages)
Paper 2
Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (2 pages)
Recent Neonatal Resuscitation Guideline (2 pages)
Bone age assessment and physical growth in children (2 pages)
Point of care test for diagnosis of urinary tract infection (2 pages) Preview
Craniosynostosis (3 pages)
Diagnosis of TB meningitis (2 pages)
Management of transfusion dependant thalassemia (4 pages)
Overview of learning disability disorders (2 pages)
Approach to a child with recurrent wheezing (2 pages)
Approach to respiratory distress in newborn (2 pages)
Nutritional rickets (2 pages)
Staging and management of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) (3 pages)
Diagnosis and Treatment of childhood autism (3 pages)
Autoimmune encephalitis_ (3 pages)
Management of neonatal seizure_ (2 pages)
Surgical emergencies in newborn (3 pages)
Vaccine hesitancy (2 pages)
Adolescent vaccination (2 pages)
Autoimmune encephalitis (3 pages)
HSP clinical features and management (March 2021) (Marks 5) (4 pages)
Risk stratification in ALL in children_ (1 pages)
Paper 3
Approach to child with upper airway obstruction_ (5 pages)
Evaluation of medical morbidities in Down syndrome (2 pages)
Management of septic shock (1 pages)
Types of supraventricular tachycardia and management of SVT with circulatory failure_ (2 pages)
Emergency triage and treatment in pediatric practice (3 pages)
Importance of fundus examination in children in clinical practice _ (3 pages)
Psychological screening in adolescents (2 pages)
Approach to a child with short stature (4 pages)
Differential diagnosis of fever with rash in children (2 pages)
Prevention of obesity in children (2 pages)
Severe falciparum malaria (Dec 2020) (Marks 5) (3 pages)
Breath holding spells (2 pages)
Indications of closure of VSD in children_ (1 pages)
Organ donation (3 pages)
Scorpian sting (3 pages)
Drug surveillance (2 pages)
Kawasaki disease (3 pages)
Role of CBC in pediatric OPD_ (3 pages)
Supratentorial tumors in children (3 pages)
Diagnosis of Wilsons disease (2 pages)
Paper 4
Antenatal screening (2 pages)
Hyperoxia test (2 pages)
Management of acute lung injury (2 pages)
Metabolic Autopsy (2 pages)
Importance of Human milk banking (Dec 2020) (Marks 5) (1 pages)
Intergenerational cycle of malnutrition (3 pages)
Oxygen dissociation curve_ (2 pages)
Rapid sequence intubation_ (2 pages)
Counselling of chronic disorders in children (3 pages)
Cyberbullying (2 pages)
Immunomodulators in pediatric patients (2 pages)
Immunomodulators in pediatric patients (2 pages)
Modes of mechanical ventilation in pediatric patients (2 pages)
Point of care ultrasonography in PICU (2 pages)
GCS and AVPU scale (3 pages)
Outline pain pathway. Pharmacological and nonpharmacological stratergies for pain management_ (4 pages)
Pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome_ (8 pages)
Indications for IVIG in pediatric practice_ (2 pages)
Counselling of chronic disorders in children (3 pages)
Plasmapheresis (2 pages)
Prevention of COVID-19 infection (2 pages)
Principles of gene therapy (2 pages)


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