DNB Pediatrics April 2023 Solved Question Papers
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DNB Pediatrics April 2023 Solved Question Papers

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Instructors: Dr. Prashant Rajebhosale, Dr. Narasimha Moorthy, Dr. Pooja Agrawal

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DNB Pediatrics April 2023 DNB Solved Question Papers ,useful for MS Pediatrics- Course Content created by Experienced Mentor Team and Toppers.

Course Highlights:

Ideal for EXAM- GOING PGs preparing for exit examinations.

Arranged in a reader-friendly bulleted format,  that is easy to retain and reproduce in exams.

Answers from authentic sources (Nelson, Textbook of piyush gupta, OP Ghai, Published Indian articles.)

Avoid the hassle of searching for answers to the various questions.

Get all answers in one place.

Attain insight to the art of writing answers in DNB theory exam.

Master the recent important topics to excel repeat questions.

Handy for last minute, quick revision.

Recent advances from latest articles and journals covered.

Will also help for higher examinations, such as FNB-SS CET, SR/Fellowship interviews.

Give your preparation an extra edge with ready-made notes!

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Paper 1
What is MR Campaign_
What is Meta-analysis_
SUMAN Health Programme
Role of folate in metabolism, Clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of folate deficiency_
Outline the 10 steps of management of SAM as per WHO guideline
Nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT)
MIS-C ,Describe multiple inflammatory syndrome in Children _
Fixed Drug Combinations (FDCs) in Anti-Tubercular Therapy (ATT) under NTEP_
Enumerate various duct dependant congenital heart disases that can present as neonatal emergencies _
Enumerate drugs commonly used for short term sedation in children
Enumerate Components of Facility-based Newborn Care (_
Difference between acellular pertussis and whole cell pertussis vaccine_
Describe screening test for IEM_
Describe Regression analysis_
Describe principles of sedation in pediatric day care procedure_
Describe Investigation and treatment of nutritional rickets_
Describe F75 formula_
Describe embryonic development of heart
Define steps of randomized controlled trial_
Paper 2
What are screening tools for developmental delay
Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in children _
Role of newborn screening_
Role of CBC in evaluation of a child with fever _
Risk stratification of newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia_
Retinopathy of prematurity and its grades
Names of interventions for ASD_
Management of Tumor Lysis Syndrome_
Management of steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome
Management of cyanotic spells
Management of congenital hypothyroidism_
Management of a neonate born to VDRL-positive mother _
Ketogenic diet in management of of refractory seizures
How will you diagnose Autism spectrum Disorders
How to interpret indices in coulter hemogram
Fluid therapy in Congestive cardiac failure_
Enlist criteria for diagnosis of SAM in _6 months_
Dietary therapy in nephrotic syndrome_
Define Global developmental delay_
Approach to anemia in a 2-year-old
Paper 3
Sexual maturity rating in girls
Recent advances in Insulin therapy_
Principles of gene therapy_
Outline the medical management of Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)
Outline management of dog bite in a 4 year old child_
Mention relevant investigations for a 6 years old child with easy bruising_
Management of septic shock_
Karyotype in Down_s Syndrome and its role in genetic counselling_
How do you differentiate between innocent and organic murmur_
Discuss differential diagnosis in a 6 years old child with easy bruisability_
Discuss clinical features and management of GERD_
Differential diagnosis in a child with swelling of multiple joints for 6 weeks duration_
Diagnosis of enteric fever
Describe the physiological basis of gastroesophageal reflux
Describe management of scorpion sting_
Define precocious puberty and is causes_
Clinical features of classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
Clinical features and laboratory finding of B cell immunodeficiency_
Classification and diagnostic criteria of JIA
Paper 4
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt in children_
Role of oxygen free radicles in diseases _
Role of copper, zinc and magensium in health and disease_
Recent advances in managemement of childhood Asthama
Pedigree chart and pattern of inheritance_
Passive immunity and its clinical application in pediatric diseases_
Obstructive sleep apnea Anatomic functional factors, Diagnosis, treatment_
Newer drugs in treatment of cystic fibrosis _
ndications of CSF manometry in children_
Molecular diagnosis of Acute myloid leukemia_
Indications for use of Rituximab_
Human milk banking _
Hpothalamo-pitutary axis_
Growth hormone therapy in pediatric practice
Enumerate difference between Hirschsprung disease and functional constipation_
Diagnostic criteria for rheumatic fever in children _
Components of Nutrition and rehabilitation center
Approach to a suspected primary immunodeficiency disorder_
Newer drugs in SMA img
Management of Status epilepticus img


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