DNB MS Orthopaedics Theory Crash Course 100 High yield Topics
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DNB MS Orthopaedics 2020 Theory Crash Course 100 High yield Topics 2020 Q&A

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Instructors: Dr.Prashant Madan Mohan MD (Europe) DNB Orthopaedics

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Why this course?


DNB MS Orthopaedics Theory Crash Course 100 High yield Topics 

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Crash course - Crack Theory exams DNB Orthopaedics MS Orthopaedics for upcoming 2020-21 exams

  1. 20 High yield lecture videos on important exam topics - android app based rest topics as notes
  2. How to write answers in the exam
  3. 100 solved questions and High yield topics from dec DNB 2020 final theory exams
  4. High yield notes 
  5. Will cover 100 important topics in rapid fire way.
  6. Ideal for exam going post graduates for DNB and MS Orthopaedic theory exams.
  7. Video interaction by the highly regarded and renowned Orthopaedic Mentor - Dr.Prashant Madan Mohan DNB Orthopaedics who has mentored 6 batches of DNB students.
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  9. Highly valued and discounted - Hurry! Register now!
  10. Highly discounted for exam going PGs - Rs 4995 Original price Rs 8995
  11. Online course access by android app only.No hard copies.
  12. Half of the topics already uploaded, rest will be added one by one

Proposed Important exam topics to be covered in form of notes and videos

  1. brachial plexus
  2. role of interventional radiology in
  3. Orthopedics
  4. Blood supply of the femoral head
  5. Safe surgical dislocation of the hip
  6. claw hand
  7. zones of articular cartilage
  8. Pathogenesis of primary osteoarthritis of knee
  9. Spinal shock
  10. Electrodiagnostic tests
  11. histology of a physis
  12. joint reaction force at the hip
  13. Scannogram
  14. concept of spinal stability
  15. Canadian C-Spine Rule
  16. Open book injury of pelvis
  17. Neurogenic claudication
  18. lumbar canal stenosis
  19. Lewinnek safe zone concept
  20. altered spinopelvic kinematics
  21. hyper-mobility syndrome
  22. chronic
  23. osteomyelitis
  24. aneurysmal bone cyst
  25. infantile tibia vara
  26. lateral pivot shift phenomenon
  27. Pseudo Trendelenburg test
  28. Ochronosis
  29. Biocomposites
  30. CRPS
  31. COVID-19 pandemic on orthopaedic Surgery
  32. DIC
  33. Effect of CKD on adult bone
  34. ARDS
  35. Nerve supply of urinary bladder
  36. pneumatic tourniquet
  37. abscesses seen in Pott’s Spine
  38. CBNAAT
  39. Reamer Irrigator aspirator
  40. effect of intramedullary reaming on the lung
  41. EUSOL
  42. Laminar air flow
  43. Transport protocol of completely dis-membered finger
  44. shape-memory (Ninitol) staples
  45. Anticoagulants
  46. Principle & mechanism of action of a proximal femoral nail
  47. Tillaux fracture
  48. Complications of lateral condylar fractures in children
  49. gunshot wounds
  50. hand knee gait
  51. prosthetic joint infection
  52. Tibial Plafond
  53. tension band plating
  54. CORA
  55. Composition of bone
  56. Osteonecrosis of femoral head
  57. Osteoinduction
  58. Osteomalacia
  59. Chronic osteomyelitis
  60. Nonunion
  61. Crush syndrome
  62. Recurrent dislocation of patella
  63. Fibrous dysplasia of bone
  64. Ewing’s sarcoma
  65. Vitamin D resistant rickets
  66. Protrusio Acetabuli
  67. Complications of Total Hip
  68. Arthroplasty
  69. Pseudogout
  70. Hallux valgus
  71. Osteochondritis dissecans
  72. Pediatric Supracondylar humerus fractures
  73. Extracapsular hip fractures
  74. Lag Screw Principle
  75. Wolff Law
  76. Spine injuries
  77. Fracture radial head
  78. Decubitus ulcers
  79. Antiglide Plate
  80. Mangled Extremity Severity Score
  81. Classification of Lisfranc injuries
  82. Haemothorax
  83. Volkmann’s ischemia.
  84. Flaps
  85. Perilunate injuries
  86. Pain management
  87. Orthobiologics
  88. Tranexamic acid
  89. Osteoid Osteoma
  90. Trabecular metal in THR
  91. Ceramic on Ceramic articulation
  92. Bone cement
  93. Giant cell tumour
  94. Bone Bank
  95. Alloprosthetic composite
  96. Tests for sacroiliac joint.
  97. SCIWORA                            
  98. Femoroacetabular impingement
  99. Traumatic knee dislocation
  100. MIPPO



chronic osteomyelitis
Alloprosthetic composite
Crush syndrome
Lag Screw principle
Non union
Protrusio acetabuli
ceramic on ceramic
trabecular metal
Fibrous dysplasia
Ewing sarcoma
Anti glide plate
Tranexamic acid
Bone cement
Wolff law
Pseudo gout
hallux valgus
pressure ulcers decubitus ulcers
femoroacetabular impingement
18. Pain Management
perilunate injuries lunate
radial head fractures
VIC vic volkman ischemic contracture
lisfranc injury
Fasciocutaneous and myocutaneous flaps ,proximal tibia
myocutaneous flaps MESS score mangled extremity severity score
extracapsular hip fractures
Osteochondritis dessicans
tests for sacroiliac si joints
recurrent patella dislocation
Classification supracondylar
supracondylar fracture
spine injuries mechanism classification treatment
recurrent patella dislocation
bone structure
hand knee gait
covid 19
Canadian C-Spine Rule
Lewinnek safe zone concept in THA
spinopelvic kinematics in hip instability
transport amputated digit
Pseudo trendelenburg
pivot shift
concept of spinal stability
Spinal shock
bladder management in spinal cord injury
nerve supply of bladder autonomous bladder
neurogenic claudication
radiographic classification chronic osteomyelitis
interventional radiology in orthopaedics
effect of CKD on bone
pneumatic tourniquets
laminar air flow
brachial plexus 2020
blounts disease
Blood supply hip
ballistic _ Gunshot injury
physis -articular cartilage anatomy
xelectrodiagnostic tests interpretation significance
role of anticoagulant therapy in ortho thromboprophylaxis THR
reamer irrigator aspirator
lateral condyle #
Bone Bank



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