Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course - Basic Case Presentation

Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course

Pass DNB MS Practical exam easily in the first attempt


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Language: English

Instructors: Dr.Prashant Madan Mohan MD (Europe) DNB Orthopaedics

Validity Period: 365 days

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Why this course?


Orthopaedics DNB MS Practical Exam Course - Basic Case Presentation

  • Video Class lessons
  • Get acquainted with the format of case presentation of the most frequently encountered cases in the orthopaedic practical examination
  • Helpful for candidates to prepare for orthopaedic practical examination
  • Cases  discussed region wise , one by one
  • Course  covers the most important cases and topics to pass the practical examination
  • Material sought from various textbooks and web sources
  • Possibility to get insight in to the concepts of clinical and practical orthopaedics
  • Avoid the hassle of searching for searching for proformas of practical examination
  • Easy to comprehend even for beginners
  • Easy to reciprocate and perform in the practical examination
  • Easy to score points by knowing what to say and how to present each case
  • DNB & MS Ortho friendly
  • No need to make any notes
  • Save time, save energy
  • Mnemonics as and when applicable
  • Instruments Implants Video Bonus worth Rs 999 included
  • Memorise easily
  • Know what to say and present in the practical exam
  • Tips and tricks to clear the practical exam
  • access from Android App or iOS
  • notes accessible through any device
  • Excellent Reviews by all the successful candidates

Dr.Leander has organised many successful Orthopaedic post graduate teaching programmes live such as LOC. Last held on March 1 2020

Dr.Leander orthopaedic Course LOC-1 orthopaedic post graduate course .Glad to share the grand success of the Interactive clinical course involving eminent faculty, live cases and many many young aspiring orthopaedic post graduate and budding orthopaedic surgeons.My heartfelt thanks to the organising team.

www.drleander.com Course Video https://youtu.be/Mjjlm86_Cn4

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