DNB Dec 2022 Pediatrics Solved Papers
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DNB Dec 2022 Pediatrics Solved Papers

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Pediatrics Dec 2022 DNB Solved Question Papers - Course Content created by Experienced Mentor Team and Toppers.

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Ideal for EXAM- GOING PGs preparing for exit examinations.

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Answers from authentic sources (Nelson, Textbook of piyush gupta, OP Ghai, Published Indian articles.)

Avoid the hassle of searching for answers to the various questions.

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Attain insight to the art of writing answers in DNB theory exam.

Master the recent important topics to excel repeat questions.

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Paper 1
10 steps of BFHI
Assent in research involving children_
Bias in medical research
Classification of dengue fever
Clinical and radiological features of Abusive Head Trauma
Clinical features suggestive of T Cell defect_
Definition and epidemiology of Double burden malnutrition
Factors determining regulation of Plasma osmolality_
Gift and Ghost authorship_
GRADE approach to evaluate level of evidence _
Human milk banking in detail _
Injury prevention strategies in children_
Lab evaluation of suspected T cell defect
Life cycle of Ascariasis Lumbricoides_
Management of Dengue shock syndrome_
Management of hypernatremic dehydration_
Mantoux interpretation
Measles surveillance_
Prevention and treatment of hypoglycemia in SAM_
Treatment of Hydatid cyst in children_
Paper 2
Antenatal monitoring of fetal wellbeing_
Clinical features of thiamine deficiency in children_
Components of nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development_
Cord care in term neonates_
Current guidelines for management of VUR in children_
Delayed Cord Clamping in neonates_
Delivery Room management of a term baby born through meconium stained liquor_
Diagnosis and management of acute mediastinal syndrome_
Diffential dignosis and lab evaluation of iron refractory anemia _
Guillain Barre syndrome
Hemorrhagic disease of newborn HDN
Hydrocehalus causes according to level of obstruction _
Indications of neuroimaging in a child with headache_
Late preterm neonates _ their problems_
Management of a child with HSV encephalitis
Management of jaundice associated with breastfeeding_
Management of neonates with watering of eyes_
Management of relapse of nephrotic syndrome_
Pneumococcal vaccine_
Tools for language and autism screening_
Vaccine hesitancy _
Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency_
Paper 3
Assessment of an adolescent girl with suicidal ideation_
Causes of renovascular hypertension_
Clinical evaluation of severity of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma in Children_
Clinical exome sequencing_
Clinical features and management of Atopic dermatitis
Congenital hypothyroidism etiology, diagnosis and management (June 2022) (Marks 5)
Criteria for diagnosis of Rheumatic fever_
Define malabsorption and enumerate its causes_
Diagnosis of delayed puberty in male
Disorders of genetic imprinting_
Growth hormone therapy in pediatric practice
Macrophage activation syndrome_
Management of a adolescent girl with PCOS_
Management of a child with acute severe hypertension_
Management of adolescent girl with dysmenorrhea_
Management of Bronchiolitis
Management of functional constipation_
Prophylaxis of Acute Rheumatic fever_
Risk factors and clinical features of hand foot mouth disease_
Tabulate the difference in clinical and lab features of KD and MIS-C_
Paper 4
Advantages and complications of PICC line _
Cytogenetics of acute leukemia_
Diagnosis and management of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia beyond neonatal period_
Diagnostic algorithm for suspected mitochondrial diseases_
Direct acting antivirals for hepatitis C in children_
Early diagnosis and intervention in cerebral palsy_
ECG in Hyperkalemia_
Genetic counseling in antenatal diagnosis of thalassemia
Ketogenic diet in management of of refractory seizures +OSCE_
Management of Obstructive sleep apnea
Management of ventricular tachycardia_
Minimally invasive surfactnat therapy_
Monitoring and management of iron overload in transfusion dependant thalassemia_
Pathogenesis and management of HUS_
Pediatric cardiac arrest algorithm for single rescuer_
Polysomnography in children and its role in children
Role of platelet in hemostasis _
Strategies for reducing antibiotics abuse in hospitalized children_
Strategies for weaning from mechanical ventilation in a preterm newborn with
Therapeutic hypothermia (TH) for HIE neonates born in low _ middle-income


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