Renew your course subscription at highly discounted subscription rates

Existing learners can get additional discounts and highly attractive subscription plans.

Tue Oct 11, 2022

Say Yes to Mentorexam Evergreen Learning subscription plans on discount for existing learners

"Life is the sum of all learnings"

Now at Mentorexam, existing learners have the option of renewing their expiring courses at highly discounted rates and subscription plans.All exisiting courses and books listed and available at mentorexam come with varying validity periods ranging from a minimum of 30 days to maximum of 1 year from the date of purchase or enrolment whichever is earlier.

            By choosing to renew your course before expiry you can get highly discounted subscription rates. You can do so anytime before expiry by emailing or whatsapp 91 7200420117

In case your course has long expired and you still want to renew, please write to us at